Warranty Definitions



Epson offers this commercial warranty to “you”, the first user of this product*. It is in addition to your contractual rights against the person supplying the product to you and to any legal rights you have against Epson or any other person. These rights vary by country and are not affected in any way by this warranty.

The warranty period for your product can be seen by using the search facility within the Epson website www.epson.eu/warranty where this warranty is offered. It runs from the date you purchased the product. The ‘product’ includes any accessories we, Epson, supplied with it except for items which are consumables. If you transfer the product to another person they will also have the benefit of this warranty; the warranty period continues to run from when you first purchased the product.

If your Epson Product ceases to operate to its specifications during the warranty period, The services you receive will be those provided as standard by Epson in the country where the product is situated. We will normally first provide support and advice to help solve the fault or to determine the type of fault. If we consider your product needs repair we (at our discretion depending on the model, its age, location and the nature of the fault) will either arrange for that repair or will replace your product with a quality assured product. Before delivering any product to our office you should remove and retain any data or non-Epson products. 

Printer users only: 

1) You should not remove any ink, ribbon or toner cartridge from a printer – the cartridge is needed to assist in diagnosing the problem you are experiencing.

2) You should also include proof of product purchase (invoice) clearly showing product serial number.

We will not repair or replace products if, in our opinion, the problem is due to:

(i) externally caused damage;

(ii) use outside specification (as defined by the product manufacturer, whose decision whether a product is used outside its specification or not is final);

(iii) accessories, parts or consumables which are not Epson branded or approved; or

(iv) modifications made to the product as originally supplied by Epson;

(v) drivers or other software supplied with the product. Modifying or correcting these is subject to the license supplied with the software and is outside the scope of this warranty.

This warranty is a statement of services we will provide in specified circumstances.

 We offer only those services and accept liability only to repair or replace your product as described in this document. We do not warrant that your product will not fail. No charge is made for this warranty and we are not entering into a contract with you.

By offering this warranty, we accept no liability for providing any additional services or for paying any kind of damages or compensation for losses or injury of any kind resulting from any product failure or for any non-conformity with specification or for any delays or failures in providing the warranty services (even if Epson has been advised of the possibility of such losses) whether these are direct, indirect, special or consequential. If in any case Epson does have a liability we do not accept any liability for (i) any loss of profits or use or for the restoring or recovering of any data corrupted or lost or (ii) any amount greater than the price paid by you for the product. In countries which do not allow liability for certain kinds of damages to be limited or excluded, some or all of the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you.

 To request services under this warranty please contact us on 


  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

 108 Central Avenue Harare Zimbabwe (Corner Central and 8th street)

 You will need to provide proof of purchase receipt or invoice identifying the product, place and date of purchase.

 Any additional services 

Any additional services you request outside the scope of this warranty will be charged to you at the standard rates offered by Tintem Technologies and will be provided in accordance with our standard terms of business.

 For optimum performance from your Epson product 

we recommend you only use genuine Epson consumables 

 Additional Information (not part of the warranty)

 Optional extended warranties may be available for your product. Normally these can only be purchased at the time you purchase your

product or shortly afterwards.

 If your product fails after the Epson warranty period has ended, chargeable out-of-warranty repairs will be carried out by Tintem technologies.