About Tintem Technologies

  • Background
  • Mission
  • Values
  • Vision
Tintem Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd. was established in 2016 in the Information Communication Technology (I.C.T) sector, specializing in sales, service & repair of all ICT devices from such brands as Printronix, Dascom, Epson, Tally Genicom, IBM, Lenovo, HP, Xerox, Canon, Dell, Ricoh, Acer, Samsung, Sophos, Kyocera, Brother among others. In the year 2018, Tintem Technologies Pvt Ltd, was appointed Printronix Distributor and Warranty Centre in Zimbabwe; In June 2022, it was appointed Epson Service Centre in Zimbabwe (Authorized to provide after sales support Warranty, Repair, Service & Support Centre); and In February 2024, it was appointed Canon Warranty Centre. all the statuses which it still holds to date.
  • To build a quality and comprehensive technology infrastructure, establish and maintain an effective operational environment and deliver quality, prompt,cost effective and reliable technology services.

  • Develop and maintain highly effective,reliable, secure and innovative information communication technologies to support instructional, administrative and research functions.

  • We are committed to total customer satisfaction.
  • We believe in building long term trusting relationship with our customers.
  • We are committed to ongoing training and employee education which develop pride job enrichment and professional growth.

  • Professionalism
    To be the leading Information Communication Technology service provider, solutions and newInformation Communication Technologies in Zimbabwe and southern region.
    • Tintem Technologies’ edge +

      Tintem Technologies is an Epson Advanced Business partner, an Advanced IBM Business Partner, advanced HP business partner and Printronix/Tallygenicom and Dascom authorized distributor and warranty centre. Tintem Technologies brings to the Zimbabwean and Regional market unequalled wealth of experience, professionalism and expertise. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every one of our customers by offering outstanding customer support services, increased flexibility in services offerings, and greater value to our customers. Our qualified and experienced members of staff are distinguished by their functional and technical expertise combined with their hands-on experience, thereby ensuring that our customers receive the most effective and professional service.
    • Computer Consumables Sales +

      Tintem Technologies stocks and sells the full range of original consumables Printronix, EPSON, HP Conon, Brother, COPIER and IBM. We also stock and sell a wide range of original tape units, cartridges, ribbons and other related products.
    • Training Services +

      Tintem Technologies an IBM Business Partner in partnership with our suppliers offer customer training services in ICT. Tintem Technologies is also capable of putting together training courses and facilities as per customer requests.
    • The Tintem Technologies Team +

      The organizational structure reflects a dynamic and customer focused unit. Currently, the organisation comprises a team of eight fulltime staff members composed of mainly qualified technical support professionals. In addition Tintem Technologies has a number of part-time consultants on their staff list and can call on these people to assist during implementation of large ICT projects or coverage of key specialized areas.
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    Reasons why you should choose Tintem Technologies today

    • Quality and reliable service
    • Affordable prices and rates
    • We offer loan machines/printers to customers whenever need arises
    • We offer free ICT consultancy services (We believe in forming a partnership with customers and provide them with all the knowledge they may require as far as ICT is concerned. Genuine supplies
    • We have certified sales and technical engineers with more than 15 years’ experience in the ICT industry ( As you know that skilled and certified engineers are the only way to protect your capital assets)